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Cree Bursary Program – Winter Semester

The Cree Bursary Program is back for another semester!

With the Christmas break over, we think our students’ wallets are probably feeling a little light, right now – so we’re happy to announce the return of the Cree Bursary program.

Full-time students in an accredited program will be eligible to apply.

The application period will run from February 15th – March 31st, 2024. Applications must be received within this timeframe.

Whether you are a returning student, or a first-time applicant, you must provide the following documents before your application can be processed:

  • Cree Busary Form (Fillable) (click to download Application Form)

  • Void Cheque 
    • The cheque can be downloaded from your online banking institution

  • Proof of Full-Time Status*
    • This should be a letter from your Registrar’s Office or your program coordinator, detailing your full-time status
    • It must be dated no earlier than February 15th

*Please note that a copy of your timetable or class schedule will no longer be accepted as proof of status

Your application package should be submitted to the Employment Counsellor serving your community. Find your community from the list below to see the name and email addresses for the correct Employment Counsellor:









Ouje Bougoumou


Washaw Sibi










If you are uncertain who to send your application to, reach out to us at for more information.

Remember, only applications received between February 15th and March 31st, 2024 will be accepted!

Apatisiiwin Skills Development would like to wish all success to our post-secondary students.

Good luck with your studies!


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