Cree Graduate

Promoting a Skilled Workforce

This program enhances post-secondary students’ employability in Eeyou Istchee by offering subsidized employment for valuable professional experience in their field of study.

For new graduates trying to enter the job market for the first time, having the experience expected by potential employers can be a real problem when looking for their first jobs.

The Cree Graduate program will provide wage subsidies for recent graduates, up to $40,000.00 per year. This gives employers the freedom to hire JBNQA beneficiaries and help them build their resumes and skills by providing the opportunity to gain their first professional work experience.


Organizations & EMPLOYERS

ASD will assist organizations by providing wage subsidies for eligible participants. 


The Cree Graduate program is intended to incentivize the hiring of recent graduates by helping to assume the expense of hiring, on-boarding and training individuals that have yet to accumulate a body of professional experience. 


This subsidy provides remuneration of $21.97/hour, 35 hours/week, to a maximum of $40,000.00 per year. The maximum duration of the program is 52 weeks, however after completion of the Cree Graduate program, participants may be eligible for subsidies under the Job Creation program. 


If you are interested in hiring a recent graduate, please apply today.



If you qualify for this program, congratulations! By graduating from your university, college or vocational program you’ve already done the hard part.


ASD wants to help you with the next step. If you’re looking for a job to help you progress in your professional journey, we will allow your new employer to assist you in developing your skills and gaining your first career experience. 


The Cree Graduate program will provide a subsidy for the first $40,000.00 of your salary for the first year of your new job. 

So, if you’ve graduated with a diploma from an accredited post-secondary institution in the last 24 months, let potential employers know about the Cree Graduate program.


Eligible Activities

Activities that: 

  • Assist the graduate in making a successful transition into the labour market in the chosen field of studies and maintaining employment. 

  • Are related preferably to the field of studies of the graduate throughout the measure 

  • Are located in Eeyou Istchee, or elsewhere within Canada, if an internship opportunity is not available in Eeyou Istchee 

Expected Results
  • Provide graduates with the opportunity to acquire work experience in their field of study, increasing employment in Eeyou Istchee. 

  • Encourage employers to launch internship projects 

Eligible Participants
  • Be a JBNQA Beneficiary 

  • Have graduated in the last 24 months from a College Career program or University program (diploma, bachelor or higher) 

  • Not already be employed full-time in his field of studies 

  • Not be receiving government benefits during the measure 

  • The participant must provide a résumé and an official transcript 

DurationMaximum of 52 weeks, with a potential subsidy for part of the salary for the next 3 years under the Job Creation program.
Eligible Expenses
  • Remuneration of $21.97 per hour, 35 hours a week, for a maximum of $40,000 per year 

  • Rates for wage subsidies may be subject to change. 

  • Special assistance for persons with disabilities, up to $3,000 per participant 

Non-Eligible Expenses
  • Capital costs for the construction or purchase of a building, other than to support the participation of persons with disabilities 

  • Expenses which would have otherwise been incurred by the Applicant 

  • Capital expenses, such as computers and equipment, not related to the project 

  • Expenses incurred before the application is submitted 

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