Career Promotion and Awareness

Promoting Greater Possibilities

This program enhances employability skills and introduces participants to diverse career options.

To make sure that our youth are kept up-to-date on the opportunities that exist, the Career Promotion and Awareness program ensures that participants have the essential skills and knowledge to be a part of cutting-edge changes in the job market.



ASD will support Career Promotion and Awareness by funding such activities as:

  • Career Fairs
  • Leadership Projects
  • Career Planning and Counselling

As with the Science and Technology program, costs such as facility rentals, speakers fees, and travel and admission costs are eligible for funding under this program.

The job market is becoming more specialized with each passing day. Jobs that did not exist yesterday will be in high demand tomorrow. To make sure that our youth are not left behind, promotion of exciting new careers is necessary to help participants to intelligently plan their educational and professional paths.

If you are interested in bringing awareness of these opportunities to Eeyou Istchee, please apply today.



Did you know that four of the top ten jobs in Canada didn’t exist a few decades ago?

Software Developers, Cloud Architects and Computer App Managers are all in high demand today, but what jobs will be in high demand tomorrow? Five years from now? Ten years from now?

It can be hard to keep up with the pace of change, but information and knowledge can help equip you to make the best decisions when planning for your future career.

So if you are a student that is wondering what courses to take, or a worker that wants to upgrade your career, make sure you take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Career Awareness and Promotion program. Local Employment Counsellors at our ASD offices can help you make a career plan that will set you on the right path.


Eligible Activities

Awareness and support activities that provide career development information, such as:

  • Career fairs and leadership projects
  • Career planning and counselling activities
Expected Results Increased student employability skills and awareness of career development and education choices
Eligible Participants
  • Secondary and post-secondary students aged 15 to 30 inclusive
  • Youth may be younger than 15 years of age.

Must be completed by March 31 of the fiscal year in which funding is received

Eligible Expenses
  • Facility rental
  • Career promotion materials produced exclusively for students 
  • Honoraria and speaker fees.
  • Travel expenses in accordance with CNG’s Business Travel Policy but not exceeding the guidelines specified in the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Travel Directive ( 
  • Admission and event fees for students and chaperones
  • Administration costs must not exceed 15% of the sub-total amount requested before administration costs.
Non-Eligible Expenses
  • Salaries
  • Training
  • Capital costs for the construction or purchase of a building, other than to support the participation of persons with disabilities
  • Expenses which would have otherwise been incurred by the Applicant
  • Office infrastructure or equipment purchases such as computers and software.
  • Expenses incurred before the application is submitted
  • Production of communication and information products for general program advertising

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Your career is about to take off

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