Cooperative Education Placements

Enhancing Employability Through Experience

This program fosters vital employability skills in youth through co-op education, offering mentored work-study opportunities.

The foundations for a successful future are laid down in youth. Habits and attitudes that can lead to meaningful and sustainable employment need to be encouraged amongst all our youth, not just the ones that will be attending post-secondary institutions.

The Cooperative Education Placements program assists participants by integrating academic studies and mentored work experience with participating employers.


Cree School Board

ASD will provide funding to Cree School Board managed education institutions that wish to enhance employability skills and improve attitudes towards work for eligible participants. Eligible expenses include salaries and benefits for teachers, coordinators and other staff, as well as other costs related to the administration and management of the program.


Because the transition from school to work can be a difficult one, ASD recognizes the need for additional support during this critical time in the development of our youth. By providing the opportunity to integrate work experience into a participant’s academic life, we believe they will be better able to join the labour force and have a positive impact on their communities.


If you are interested in hosting one of these programs at your CSB institution, we encourage you to apply.



No one can see what the future holds, but one thing is certain: our future starts now.

If we want to have a bright future for ourselves, we need to start developing the attitudes, habits and skills that will help us to succeed. Viewing school and work in a positive light will help us make good decisions – today, tomorrow and forever.

If you are attending a Cree School Board school and interested in learning how you can develop work skills while at school, and gaining vocational prerequisites, speak to your teachers or guidance counsellors about this program.

Employment Counsellors at any of our ASD offices can tell you if Cooperative Education Placements programs are available in your community.


Eligible Activities

Cooperative Education activities that:

  • Integrate a student's academic studies with mentored work experience with participating employers
  • Foster a successful three-way partnership between the student, a Cree School Board managed educational institution and employer.
Expected Results Enhanced employability skills for participating youth and improved attitudes toward the transition from school to work
Eligible Participants
  • Youth aged 15 to 30 inclusive, but may be younger than 15 years of age
  • Attending a Cree School Board managed educational institution in grades 7 to 12 
DurationMust be completed by March 31 of the fiscal year in which funding is received
Eligible Expenses
  • Salaries and employee benefits for teachers, co-op/internship coordinators and other staff directly related to the project 
  • Other necessary costs directly related to a work placement, up to a maximum of $300 per participant
  • Special assistance for persons with disabilities, up to $3,000 per participant
  • Staff training on cooperative education and internships.
  • Other incidental co-op and internship placement costs including insurance for students during their co-op or internship placement
  • Travel expenses in accordance with CNG’s Business Travel Policy but not exceeding the guidelines specified in the Treasury Board of Canada Secretariat’s Travel Directive ( 
  • Administration costs must not exceed 15% of the sub-total amount requested before administration costs. 
Non-Eligible Expenses
  • Salaries or wages for students.
  • Dependent care/daycare
  • Capital costs for the construction or purchase of a building, other than to support the participation of persons with disabilities
  • Expenses which would have otherwise been incurred by the Applicant
  • Office infrastructure or equipment purchases such as computers and software.
  • Expenses incurred before the application is submitted
  • Development and production of communication and information products.

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