Career Advancement

Professional Skills Acquisition

This program promotes Capacity Building in Eeyou Istchee by helping employed participants increase their competencies and advance in their careers.

In the modern world, life-long learning is more important than ever. 

The Career Advancement program allows workers to upgrade their skills and expertise by funding training expenses and other related costs for JBNQA beneficiaries. This allows companies and other organizations to ensure that their workers have the knowledge and training to take advantage of cutting edge technologies and techniques in their industry.


EMPLOYERS & Organizations

ASD will assist organizations by covering expenses for professional training activities, including:

  • Tuition
  • Coaching
  • Training plan development
  • Travel expenses and more.


The Career Advancement program aims to improve Cree employees’ skill levels and employment outcomes. If you are a training organization or an employer providing jobs to Cree beneficiaries, contact us today to learn how we can help you train a stronger workforce for Eeyou Istchee.



No one wants to do the same thing all the time. New experiences can make our lives and jobs more exciting, giving us a better idea of what we might be capable of.

Training is the key that unlocks the doors to these new opportunities. Whether it’s a new piece of equipment, a new computer program, or a new language, improving your skills and knowledge will give you the confidence to reach new heights in your chosen career and let employers see your potential.

The Career Advancement program provides funding to cover the price of tuition, travel costs, and other expenses that can sometimes make upgrading your skills a challenge.

If you are a Cree worker who wants to take part in training to upgrade your career, speak to your employer about the Cree Advancement program.


Eligible Activities
  • Training to acquire additional skills to further their career 

  • Priotiy will be given to training programs offered in:

    • Eeyou Istchee,

    • Quebec, and

    • other Canadian provinces, in that order. 

Expected ResultsImproved skills levels and employment outcomes for Cree employed participants
Eligible Participants
  • Be at least 18 years of age or hold a Secondary School Diploma 

  • Be a Cree JBNQA Beneficiary 

  • Seeking advancement with their career 

DurationUp to a maximum of 52 weeks
Eligible Expenses
  • Training expenses, including tuition, coaching and training plan development at a maximum of $1000 per day 

  • Travel expenses in accordance with CNG’s Business Travel Policy 

  • Special assistance for persons with disabilities, up to $3,000 per participant 

  • Administration costs must not exceed 15% of the sub-total amount of the project’s expenditures before administration costs. 

Non-Eligible Expenses
  • Capital costs for the construction or purchase of a building, other than to support the participation of persons with disabilities 

  • Expenses which would have otherwise been incurred by the Applicant 

  • Capital expenses, such as computers and equipment not related to the training project 

  • Expenses incurred before the application is submitted 

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