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Application Period: Closed

The application period will re-open for the Fall Semester, sometime around the beginning of October, 2024.
Check back for more information.

This program offers bursary funding to support eligible students, encouraging JBNQA beneficiaries to pursue post-secondary and vocational education to enhance capacity building.

There can be many obstacles that stand between a person and their education, but finances shouldn’t be one of them. Apatisiiwin Skills Development wants to support beneficiaries by granting a bursary to students studying at the university, college or vocational level. 

The Cree Bursary program will provide recipients with a $1000 bursary once every semester, and renewable until their education is complete.



Are you a student in a university, college or vocational program? 

If you are, then congratulations! An education will open many doors for you.


But we know that being a full-time student can be hard. In fact, trying to maintain financial independence during your studies can be a reason why some people decide to put their education on hold. And it can be very hard to get back on track.


ASD wants to help full-time students with the Cree Bursary program. This bursary is to help you focus on getting the education you need. So maybe you spend it on your morning coffee, or maybe you need a new pair of headphones to let you listen to your favourite tunes while studying. It’s up to you.



If you know someone that is studying at university, college or in a vocational program, you can help give them the best chance at success by getting them in touch with ASD and encouraging them to apply to the Cree Bursary program.


Eligible ActivitiesProvide bursary funding to support eligible students in furthering their education.
Expected Results
  • Increase the employability of post-secondary and vocational students and support their integration in Eeyou Istchee’s labour market. 

  • Enable ASD to build a stronger relationship with students to support their career development and ensure that accurate information on the field of studies of future graduates is available, enabling ASD staff to promote employment opportunities and labour market integration programs and services accordingly. 

  • Help ASD maintain a database of students to offer career development and employability skills improvement through ASD employment programs and services. 

Eligible Participants
  • Be a JBNQA Cree Beneficiary 

  • Be enrolled in a recognized post-secondary institution in: 

  • A post-secondary program, leading to an accredited degree/diploma, or 

  • A vocational training program, in a field of study leading to an accredited diploma 

  • Be considered a full-time student in the chosen program 

  • Have completed at least 30 days in the program 

Eligible Applications
  • New Applicants must submit the following documentation: 

    • A proof of full-time status (usually this will be a letter from the Registrar or Program Coordinator) 

    • ASD application form duly completed and signed 

    • Void Cheque 

  • Students who are reapplying must provide: 

    • A proof of full-time status (usually this will be a letter from the Registrar or Program Coordinator) 

    • ASD application form duly completed and signed. 

Document Downloads

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Cree Graduate

This program enhances post-secondary students’ employability in Eeyou Istchee by offering subsidized employment for valuable professional experience in their field of study.
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Career Advancement

This program promotes Capacity Building in Eeyou Istchee by helping employed participants increase their competencies and advance in their careers.
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