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ASD has offices throughout Eeyou Istchee. Please see our staff directory below, and click on the envelope icon to send an email.  

Miranda Shem Receptionist (Replacement) - ex. 4000
Starla Quachegan Employment Counsellor - ex. 4004
Cassandra McKenzie Employment Counsellor - ex. 4005
Bernice Sam Senior Employment Counsellor - ex. 4006
Clarence Snowboy Program Development Officer - ex. 4008
Martha Matthew Program Development Officer - ex. 4011
Demerise Mayappo Employment Counsellor - ex. 1707
Myriam Cheezo Receptionist - ex. 3200
Caitlin Pelletier Employment Counsellor - ex. 3206
Nathan Shecapio Employment Counsellor - ex. 3213
Norman Blacksmith Senior Employment Counsellor - ex. 3216
Robyn Baxter Program Development Officer - ex. 3203
Deborah Loon Program Development Officer - ex. 3208
Benjamin Loon Program Development Officer - ex. 3209
Anna Trapper Financial Program Technician - ex. 3202
Bella Trapper Financial Program Technician - ex. 3218
Emma-Rose Jolly Employment Counsellor
Peter Bosum Employment Counsellor
Karen Neacappo Employment Counsellor - ex. 3012
Virginia Blackned Employment Counsellor - ex. 5513
Zabrina Stevens Program Development Officer - ex. 5512
Derland McLeod Financial Program Technician - ex. 5515
Gerald Weistche Communication Advisor - ex. 5518
Shannon Isik Employment Counsellor
Georgette Sealhunter Employment Counsellor
Ryan Petawabano Program Development Officer - ex. 4711
Betsy Kawapit Employment Counsellor
Abel J. Trapper Director - ex. 3217
Stephane Petawabano Manager of ASD Programs - ex. 3211
Roger Lacroix Manager of ASD Services - ex. 3219
Laurianne Iserhoff Manager of Finance and Administration - ex. 1034
Jennifer L. Voyageur Administrative Assistant - ex. 3207
Julie-Ann Jolly Administrative Agent - ex. 3210
Philip Piercey Communications Advisor - ex. 3205
Fred Moar Labour Market Analyst

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Please use the form below to contact us via email. Alternatively, you could also contact us on social media and through our various offices across Eeyou Istchee.

Mistissini coordination office
32 Amisk Street,
Mistissini, Quebec
G0W 1C0

Telephone: (418) 923-2525
Fax: (418) 923-2111