Cree Bursary: Summer Semester

The Cree Bursary Program is back for another semester! Although most students are getting ready to enjoy their summer break, not everyone is! For those students that are continuing their studies throughout the summer, we would like to offer our support by re-opening our application period from June 1st to June 30th, 2024. Summer students that meet […]

Job Board: New Look and Feel

We are thrilled to unveil a fresh, modern look and a new, intuitive feel for our Job Board! Regarding the look, you will notice that the listings now include important information, right on the job board, so you can see the Category, Job-Type and Location, without having to click. Also, the logos of our employers […]

CCQ Question Period – Mistissini, February 15th

The Commission de la Construction de Quebec (CCQ)  will be visiting our Mistissini office on Thursday, February 15th. Anybody that is interested in learning more about the benefits of CCQ membership is invited to join us for an information session, at the Mistissini Coordination Office – 32 Amisk St., Mistissini. Representatives from the CCQ will […]

Cree Bursary Program – Winter Semester

The Cree Bursary Program is back for another semester! With the Christmas break over, we think our students’ wallets are probably feeling a little light, right now – so we’re happy to announce the return of the Cree Bursary program. Full-time students in an accredited program will be eligible to apply. The application period will […]

Changes to Our Website

Apatisiiwin Skills Development is pleased to announce that we are working on our website to better meet the needs of our clients and partners. The website will retain all the features of the old site that made it helpful, while adding some new features that will allow our visitors to have easier access to our […]

Updates to the Cree Bursary Program

We are making some changes to the Cree Bursary program! In an effort to encourage our post-secondary students, we are in discussions to increase the level of support provided by the Cree Bursary program. Because of this, we have created a new application form. Students that want to apply must submit the following four documents: […]

Not working due to COVID-19?

If you need any help with your applications, your local ASD Employment Counsellor can help! Please contact them through phone and e-mail.   Chisasibi (819) 855-2675   Eastmain (819) 977-2501   Mistissini (418) 923-3285   Nemaska (819) 673-2001   Ouje-Bougoumou   Washaw Sibi (819) 999-6205   Waskaganish […]

Client Protocol during COVID-19

We are taking precautionary measures to ensure the safety of our staff and clients. When entering an ASD building, please read and follow our protocols. Thank-you and stay safe!

Announcement: Training Allowances

To our clients, Clients currently receiving Training Allowances from Apatisiiwin Skills Development will continue to receive their funds until May 29, 2020. Clients who have been approved for training allowances and have not started their program (due to the school closures). Those clients will receive their allowances once the new starting date has been set. If […]