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Updates to the Cree Bursary Program

We are making some changes to the Cree Bursary program!

In an effort to encourage our post-secondary students, we are in discussions to increase the level of support provided by the Cree Bursary program. Because of this, we have created a new application form.

Students that want to apply must submit the following four documents:

  • Cree Busary Form (Fillable) (click to download)
  • EFT Form & Void Cheque  (click to download)
    • Your void cheque can be downloaded from your online banking institution
  • Proof of Full-Time Status (this can be a copy of your schedule or timetable, or a letter from your Registrar’s Office or your program coordinator).

Your application package should be submitted to the Employment Counsellor serving your community. Find your community from the list below to see the name and email addresses for the correct Employment Counsellor:









Ouje Bougoumou


Washaw Sibi










Or, if you are uncertain who to send your application to, forms may be sent to

Don’t wait – Apply today!


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