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Elephant thoughts and Eeyou Istchee School

Over a period of 6 months during the winter of 2018 19, Elephant Thoughts travelled from school to school to school in Cree School Board territory to bring a museum quality science center into every single classroom to give every elementary student the best possible curriculum linked science experience possible. Eeyou Istchee students do not always have the opportunity to travel for a real science center experience so we bring the science center to them! In every school instructors leave behind science kits complete with experiment instructions and materials for teachers to further the learning after we are gone. Elephant Thoughts is grateful for the continued collaboration with ASD and schools within Eeyou Istchee!


“Elephant Thoughts hands-on activitiesare incredibly effective at keeping students engaged and motivated! They help students to clearly understand how science relates to every activity they engage in and to the world around them.”

“Students gain valuable skills beneficial to their educational experiences, from curiosity and creativity, to collaboration, critical thinking and inquiry-based skills.”

“The application and analytical skills used were invaluable for our students.”

“The kids were enthralled and learn to love science even more through the interesting demonstrations. After the first morning, they were expecting the second morning with joy. And the material is curriculum linked which is the kind of support we need!”

“The bike is an amazing teaching tool and one of the best combinations of fun/excitement and learning/education rolled into one machine. It amazes the students and the learning transcends motion transmission while peaking interest in the different types of engineering and utilizations for seemingly straightforward objects.”


In the majority of workshops kids are choosing to work with Elephant Thoughts instead of going out for recess! ET teacher Desiree Connell, reported that students demonstrated outstanding teamwork skills by joining Wondergear pieces together to build a massive gear train. They even designed and built the gear train up and over obstacles while ensuring the gears were turning properly. Desiree was extremely proud as an instructor to see the dedication and teamwork by the students.

  • Lisa Farano, Director of Indigenous Education (Elephant Thoughts)


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