Investing in our Youth in the development of life skills and work experience necessary to enter the labour market.


Youth programs offered through ASD are intended first and foremost to increase the skills, knowledge and experience of young people to ensure their successful participation in the Cree labour force. 
Another key objective of these programs is to provide students with work experience that will help them establish long term career goals, build independence and skills that increase their employability.


    • Cree
    • Between the ages of 15-30 years
    • Be unemployed and not receiving Employment Insurance (EI) Benefits.

First Nations and Inuit Youth Employment Strategy (FNIYES) Programs

Summer Work Experience

This program provides youth with summer employment opportunities where that can gain work experience and develop important skills such as communication, problem solving and teamwork.

Skills Link Program

This program helps First Nations and Inuit youth to acquire essential employment skills and learn about job and career options. Programs include Mentored Work Placements, Science and Technology, Career Promotion and Awareness and Co-operative Education.


ASD funds Youth Fusion through the Co-operative Education Program.

Youth Fusion works with schools throughout the territory to provide activities to students with career-related experience in fields such as science, arts, governance, health, environment, radio, and journalism.

In 2017, Youth fusion conducted two anonymous surveys that resulted in a document titled, "Impacts of Youth Fusion Programming on School Retention Factors in Eeyou Istchee".

The results showed participant reported improvements in the following areas:

  • at-risk youth; the program made them want to go to school
  • development of social skills and behaviour; increased self-esteem, communication, etc
  • educational and professional aspirations; helped them learn more about the career they want to pursue
  • nutritional and physical activity; helped them have better health habits and be more active
  • motivation; increased their motivation to finish school.

ASD Youth Initiative Program

Part-time Student Program

Provides employment opportunities to youth that are currently attending high school between secondary 3, 4 and 5 levels that are over that age of 15.

Youth Work Experience

Complimentary to the FNIYES Mentored Work Placement program, this program provides work experience for youth that are unemployed or underemployed and not in school.

Summer Work Experience Program

Complimentary to the FNIYES program, this program provides work experience to students that have just finished school and are intended to return again in the fall.