This program helps create a skilled worker that is employable within their sector of training.


The jobs that are growing in our territory are increasingly in need of skilled individuals. By working together with employers, and educational partners, we aim to provide support as you pursue training.
Whether it be prior to your training, through community classes and essential skills, or on the worksite with apprenticeship and mentoring, we are here to help you.


  • A Cree beneficiary/resident of a Cree community
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Unemployed/underemployed and looking for employment


For Employers / insitutions

Vocational (DVS) Training

ASD can help provide additional funding for program-related costs such as professional fees, equipment rental, lodging, meals and other training-related expenses to effectively deliver a course with high potential for employment.

Customized Training Programs

We can work with industry partners to profile the growing jobs within your organization and identify and tailor a training program to suit that position. By creating versatile programs, we aim to create a solid link to the partnership with employers in Eeyou Istchee.


sucess story

A previous course that was run in Mistissini is the Early Native Childcare Services course. This is on of the few courses that has been held within the territory and is important in maintaining quality childcare services. In this particular course there were 18 students from Mistissini and Chisasibi, all of whom received a training allowance through ASD. This course is an excellent example of the importance of both student and teacher dedication. Their teach Holly Nathan, was always quick to help and encourage her students, and her students were committed and had an impeccable attendance record. ASD was invited to attend their graduation on June 3, 2017 and was proud to watch 16 out of the 18 students obtain their diploma.

For clients

Test of Essential Skills

The Essential Skills Assessment will help you gain a better understanding of your essential skills levels. These essential skills are reading, document use and math required for the workplace. It contains a series of questions that will provide an indication of your skill strengths and areas that may require improvement. This information can help guide your future training decisions and career planning.

Individual Training Support

ASD partners with key educational entities to ensure that training is available for the jobs that are in demand. Financial support for training exists for job seekers that are looking to develop their skills towards increased employability.

Pre-Training Readiness

Community classrooms & community pre-technical delivery are available to clients that are preparing for upcoming courses. We can help you to understand and prepare for training.

Workplace Requirements

Many job sites today require different certification such as blaster's certificate and mining modules in order to be considered a strong candidate. ASD can work with you to ensure that you are employment-ready, following your training.