Grad Collage

This program provides bursary funding to support eligible students. Its aim is to build capacity by encouraging JBNQA beneficiaries to pursue post-secondary and vocational education.

There can be many obstacles that stand between a person and their education, but finances shouldn’t be one of them. Apatisiiwin Skills Development wants to support beneficiaries by granting a bursary to students studying at the university, college or vocational level.

The Cree Bursary program will provide recipients with a $500 bursary once every fiscal year, and renewable every year until their education is complete.


Eligible Participants must be:

  • A JBNQA Beneficiary
  • Enrolled in a post-secondary institution in:
    • a post-secondary program, leading to an accredited degree/diploma, or
    • a vocational training program, leading to an accredited degree/diploma
  • Considered a full-time student

This bursary is to help you focus on getting the education you need. So maybe you spend it on your morning coffee, or maybe you need a new pair of headphones to let you listen to your favourite tunes while studying. It’s up to you.

Talk to your local Employment Counsellor to learn how ASD can help you!

Cree Bursary Application Form