To create a clear link for employees to find a job and employers to have qualified workers to match their needs.


ASD is a department that aims to help support both employers and employees. By working with our clients and employers, to outline their needs, we create a clear picture of the opportunities for our workers that they can pursue.
In addition, by understanding labour needs and our clientele, we create a stronger strategic direction. Defining our clientele, their needs, and employer needs is the purpose of labour market development programs.


  • Cree company or beneficiary promoting career opportunities and needs
  • Employers interested in hiring Crees through job promotion
  • Cree community or entity interested in evaluating their labour needs and opportunities
  • Employers interested in establishing partership to develop a workforce inclusion strategy


For Employers / Insitutions

Career Promotion and Awareness

Helping your company to promote its jobs to Cree clientele seeking employment. ASD offers an online job bank and works with communities and schools to provide employer needs to local band administration and Cree students.

Partnering with Employers to Hire Cree Workers

ASD's labour market information is used to define available labour, training opportunities and work integration programs that fit employer needs.


Success Story

The 2017 Regional Career Fair celebrated its 10th year at Waswanipi's Community Health & Fitness Center. Hundreds of students, job seekers and employers participants in the Regional Career Fair. Students were bused in from a number of the Cree communities and job seekers drove from across the Cree Territory. The Career Fair is important to students and job seekers. It gives them the opportunity to network with businesses in the territory, to find out what types of industries are growing in the community so they can gear their interests, studies and training toward a successful career in the health & sciences (Cree Board of Health & Social Services), environment (EnviroCree), mining (stornoway), radio and TV (Cree Media - CBC North), aviation (AirCreebec) and a host of other organizations and industries.

For clients


Employers are working with ASD to find employees to fill job requirements for their services and projects. Registering is a positive step to ensure a link between you and employers.


Your data contributes to an overall picture of Cree labour. Cree communities are working with ASD to use this data to create a labour market picture for training and employment.


By being part of the labour market profile, you also gain access to our services including resume writing, client action plans, career counseling and more!