Request for Proposal (RFP) Event Planning Coordinator for the Grand Opening of the Mistissini Adult Learning Centre

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  • Post Date: June 9, 2021
Job Description

Request for Proposal (RFP)
Event Planning Coordinator for the Grand Opening of the Mistissini Adult Learning Centre


In preparation for the grand opening of the Mistissini Adult Learning Centre (MALC) in October 28, 2021, the Grand Opening Event Planning Coordinator will take the lead in preparing and managing the official opening of the centre. The Planning Coordinator will work under the supervision of the MALC Centre Director, and in collaboration with a planning committee, while preparing the design of the event and the steps required to prepare for the event itself.


The MALC Grand Opening is an opportunity to open the learning centre to the community, showcase the building, display programs and courses, meet the staff and facilitate a meeting for the Cree School Board (CSB) Council of Commissioners. The event should include a ceremony and feast, as well as any other activities deemed appropriate by the Grand Opening Event Planning Coordinator, Planning Committee, and Sabtuan Adult Education Services (SAES) management.

The MALC Grand Opening Event must:

  • Integrate the three main foundational poles of the MALC by ensuring Cree knowledge, technology and sustainability are weaved into the main themes of the MALC Grand Opening.
  • Ensure an appealing visual and physical environment to enhance our visitors experience inside and outside of the building in the centre.
  • Involve Elders and Cree cultural practices in opening and closing ceremonies and feasts.
  • Include MALC students and staff.



Reporting to the Centre Director of the Mistissini Adult Learning Centre, the Coordinator will be responsible to oversee all aspects of planning and coordinating the event. The Coordinator will:

  • Develop and carry out event schedule, being mindful of the above-listed requirements;
  • In accordance with the CSB Contracting Policy and procedures, the Coordinator will book and coordinate all vendors for the event, including catering, entertainment, and photographer;
  • Using a predetermined budget, source and order all items needed for event, including gifts for participants, giveaways/promotional items, and décor;
  • Ensure proper decoration and setup of all areas used for the event;
  • Develop a communications plan and oversee advertising and communications for the event;
  • Ensure adherence to all applicable health and safety protocols;
  • Complete and submit a final report.


  • Work within a given budget and agreed upon timelines
  • Work within the applicable health and safety protocols
  • Work with different organizations and groups in the community
  • Become familiar with SAES and its mission and vision.
  • Become familiar with courses and goals of the MALC.
  • Become familiar with the IIyiyiu Chiskutimaachaawin Philosophy.


The proposal should include:

  1. A project design based on the objectives and specifications laid out in this document and that considers the applicable health and safety protocols (physical distancing, facemasks, etc.) established by the local Public Safety and the CSB.
  2. Proposed work process including a design based on project management norms.
  3. Ideas for activities such as a walking out ceremony, a feast or other traditional activities.
  4. Three deadlines leading up to and including the event. The proposal should cover 4 months, fromJuly to October 2021.
  5. Budget required and coordination fees.

The proposal should be submitted no later than 12:00PM on June 25, 2021. Please submit by email to Nian Matoush at

Proposals received according to the submission deadline will be rated on:

  • Qualifications, relevant experience, and availability.
  • Creativity and appropriateness of the approach and work process.
  • Appropriateness of the budget for this project’s purpose and scope.
  • Proven ability to work with non-profit organizations and/or First Nations groups.
  • Ability to collaborate within an academic setting.


The selected proposal will be confirmed by email by June 30, 2021 before 3:00 p.m.

The CSB is not obligated to accept neither the lowest, nor any of the received proposals. It reserves the right to grant the contract altogether or partially, if it considers it relevant.

The selected supplier will be required to sign a service agreement provided by the CSB.

Thank you for your consideration of this project and we look forward to your proposal.