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  • Post Date: March 1, 2023
Job Description

Job Number: J0223-0174
Location: Waswanipi
Job Type: Replacement
Job Category: Managers – Others
Number of Positions: 1
Posting Date: February 27, 2023
End of Posting: March 24, 2023
Salary: $89,304.00 – $118,709.00
Northern Allowance: $8,484 – $13,573

Priority shall be given to qualified Cree beneficiaries


The General Maintenance Foreman assumes the duties and management required for the coordination of the maintenance, technical and administrative activities related to the school’s buildings.  This involves but is not limited to: Overseeing and coordinating the planning, corrective and preventive maintenance programs applied to the school buildings, properties and residences physical plant and equipment and ensures the maintenance and cleaning services of the school facilities.

The General Maintenance Foreman is under the supervision of the Community Education Administrator. The General Maintenance Foreman is responsible for personnel under the maintenance department assigned to the school (cleaning and caretaking services, maintenance and labour)

The overall responsibility is to provide safe work environments and well-maintained facilities for students and employees.


The supervision and control of the application for the systems and procedures approved for the completion of activities resulting from the maintenance (such as inspections, planning, maintaining, replacing) of the school facilities, residences and properties.

Participate in the elaboration and implementation of occupational health and safety measures and programs needed to maintain a healthy and safe work environment throughout the schools and other workplaces.

Be responsible for the integration, supervision, training, coordination and evaluation of staff assigned to her/him, as well as ensuring they have access to proper workplace procedures and tools, including training.

Ensure his team is well informed on procedures, directives and measures related to the workplace as well as support the Community Education Administrator in the development and implementation of communication plans and initiatives.

Act as a liaison on behalf of her/his team and, when required, the Community Education Administrator with other staff members and partners.

The establishment of work and operations schedules for the staff under his supervision and responsibility.

Establish and ensure the application of maintenance planning schedules and works of assigned facilities and equipment.  This includes the establishment of a preventive maintenance schedule for the school’s machinery, vehicles, ventilation systems, electrical systems and alarm systems.

Ensure the development and application of maintenance programs and the proper operation of the school and its facilities.

Ensure the transition and implementation of new measures and technologies in the operation of the school facilities and properties.  This includes providing training and supporting her/his team in the application of these measures and technologies.

Provide monthly reports on maintenance activity to the Community Education Administrator.

The preparation of cost estimates for work to be done and the preparation of requisitions for any material required, as well as the development and implementation of projects identified by the Community Education Administrator.

May be required to solicit tenders, negotiate with suppliers and/or contractors for projects carried out by the office of the Community Education Administrator. Must have the ability to be able to relay technical information to contractors.

Supervise contractors and their works on behalf of the school.

Contribute to the consultative process for developing projects and strategies of the school board dealing with the various departments and services such as Material Resources Services department, particularly in maintenance activities and where applicable, collaborate with staff members in determining the action plan.

In collaboration with the Community Education Administrator assist in the preparation and development of capital projects, budgets, schedules and special projects as well as other duties and responsibilities related to maintenance duties assigned by the Community Education Administrator.

Provide support and coaching for staff, including the development and implementation of training programs for her/his team

Assume any other responsibility compatible with his or her function that may be assigned to him by the immediate superior.


Valid certificate of qualification for the practice of a trade relevant to the position is generally required.

Experience in a supervisory role of at least two (2) years is required;

Minimum of five (5) years of pertinent experience is required.

Experience in construction, project management, building maintenance planning, purchasing and customer relations are considered important assets;

A good knowledge and skills in computers & MS Office is generally required.

Experience in software related to building maintenance, construction or planning is a generally required;

Fluency in English is required, including the ability to produce reports and simple correspondence;

Must be fluent in Cree (spoken);

Good knowledge of French is an asset;

Valid certification in the construction safety (“ASP Construction Safety Card”) and the handling and transportation of hazardous material (“WHMIS”) are generally required;

Excellent communication, work planning and scheduling skills;

Must hold and maintain a valid Class 5 driver’s license.


Replacement position for undetermined period.
35 hrs/week

*Given the current salary regulations and guidelines at the Cree School Board, candidates from another Quebec School Board will be able to obtain a salary as per the scale above-mentioned. However, candidates that are not from the education sector are not eligible to a salary above the midpoint of the position’s salary scale. 


To be determined.