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  • Post Date: February 14, 2023
Job Description


Under the general direction of the Cree Nation of Mistissini, but more specifically under the supervision of the Director General, the Director of Public Works shall be responsible for overseeing the organization, planning, maintenance, and management of public buildings and infrastructures, garage, equipment & facilities, roads and walkways and sanitation services for the Cree Nation of Mistissini. He shall be responsible for all the staff under his/her supervision.

Planning and Reporting Responsibilities:

  • Develop short and long term operational plans for the department;
  • Develop, communicate and implement programs, policies and procedures for departmental operations, including preventive maintenance programs;
  • Ensure that all applicable policies, procedures, by-laws and provincial and federal regulations are followed and adhered to;
  • Ensure the preparation and implementation of maintenance manuals for all regular and preventive maintenance programs;
  • Maintain a proper and up-to-date filing system for all records relating to equipment and buildings for the department, including inventory;
  • Ensure the upkeep of records on preventive regular/major maintenance of buildings, equipment and vehicles;
  • Ensure that insurance records on buildings, equipment and vehicles are kept updated;
  • Process insurance claims relating to physical assets of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
  • Provide reports and updates to Director General regarding Public Works activities and projects;

Management & Financial Responsibilities

  • Supervise and lead direct reports and ensure effective supervision of others within the team;
  • In conjunction with the Director General, develop global objectives for the department. For direct reports, assist with development of objectives and ensure that performance is aligned with team and individual objectives.
  • Ensure that supervisors within team are establishing objectives that are in alignment with departmental objectives;
  • Identify training needs and support training and development;
  • Conduct periodic performance evaluations for direct reports and assist managers and/or supervisors with performance evaluations;
  • Ensure the effective production of schedules so that sufficient staffing levels are maintained at all times, in order to effectively execute operations;
  • Promote on-going, effective and open communication with employees. Keep staff members informed of decisions that impact them and/or their department;
  • Manage the budgets for the Municipal Services, participate in the budget process and conduct follow-up;
  • Procure additional funding/budget to implement programs related to the department;
  • Oversee contracts related to ensure proper monitoring, follow-up, and reporting;

Public Buildings and Infrastructure Maintenance Responsibilities

  • Ensure that the department offers the proper maintenance of public buildings and infrastructures while respecting environmental and safety standards and building codes in accordance with applicable policies, procedures, by-laws and provincial/federal laws and regulations;
  • Ensure routine checks and inspections are done on public buildings and infrastructures, Maintain a preventive maintenance schedule and an up to date record of major repairs;
  • Ensure proper maintenance and management of Marinas, Public Beach, walking trails, and Recreational Parks as established by the CNM;
  • Negotiate contract change orders including costs and coordinate service contracts on work performed by outside parties related to Public Buildings and Infrastructure Maintenance services;
  • Develop new operational and maintenance budgets for new facilities under the CNM;
  • Manage and negotiate commercial leases with tenants within the community, which can be individuals, companies or other entities;

Municipal Garage & Assets Responsibilities

  • Ensure the proper operation of the municipal garage, including verifications, repairs, check-up, and maintenance of light vehicles and motorized equipment of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
  • Ensure maintenance of all light vehicles, heavy equipment and motorized equipment (dump trucks, buses, emergency vehicles etc.);
  • Monitor all maintenance schedules prioritize preventive maintenance and analyze equipment failure records to improve maintenance procedures;
  • Management of areas (lands) related to storage of Cree Nation of Mistissini assets;

Road and Walkways Responsibilities

  • Supervise and/or manage contracts for the road/highway maintenance program, including snow removal and road maintenance and repair, including the maintenance of roads and highways:
  • Supervise maintenance of roads and highways located outside the community for which the Cree Nation of Mistissini has been awarded (for example 167 North and Route Du Nord road maintenance contracts);
  • Ensure that measures are taken with respect to public signalization to make the community safe;
  • Perform inspections of all roads and walkways;
  • Negotiate contract change orders and costs and coordinate service contracts for third parties or by outside parties and or related to Road and Walkway services;
  • Ensure the management of the granular material of the community and necessary recording on the materials which need to charged accordingly to local companies, other entities and internal CNM projects;

Sanitation and Waste Management Responsibilities

  • Supervise the sanitation program, including garbage removal and recycling, while respecting environmental and safety standards in accordance with applicable policies, procedures, by-laws and provincial and federal laws and regulations;
  • Ensure the regular schedule of garbage removal and recycling is adequately communicated to the community members, including any changes to these regular schedules and ad-hoc operations;
  • Oversees the annual planning of waste management and involved with the communication plan to the members;
  • Apply for any eligible funds related to new government programs in waste management;

External and internal responsibilities

  • Act as a resource person for community groups;
  • May attend public meetings, and serve on boards/committees representing the Cree Nation of Mistissini as required;
  • Ensure contact with the Cree Nation Government and other organizations that provide information and support for Municipal Services activities;
  • Work with contractors and professionals in order to define the scope of works and ensure the quality of works delivered per project;
  • Provide assistance in any tender process in projects related to Public Works Department.

Additional Responsibilities

  • Maintain up-to-date knowledge and skills in area(s) of responsibility, including when appropriate and necessary, the participation in training programs such as conferences, seminars, correspondence courses, continuing education courses;
  • Perform other related duties as required by the Director General and/or the Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini.


  • A university degree or college diploma in related community services and infrastructure;
  • Five (5) to Eight (8) years of work experience in Public Works and or administration;
  • Must possess leadership skills with strong supervisory skills;
  • Knowledge in financial management, project management, by-laws and procedures;
  • Knowledge and experience in negotiation different types of contracts, leases and agreements;
  • Ability to communicate information clearly and effectively;
  • Must have effective writing, organizational and problem solving skills;
  • Ability to handle constant pressure and stress; Ability to maintain confidentiality;
  • Ability to work with minimal supervision and to work as a team member.



Job Class 8:

Minimum: $ 90,070.56
Midpoint: $ 112,587.35
Maximum: $ 135,106.41

DATE OF POSTING: February 13, 2023

Andrew Neeposh, Director of Human Resources
Cree Nation of Mistissini
187 Main Street
Mistissini, Qc G0W 1C0

Applications are to be forwarded to Emily Shecapio, Administrative Assistant to Human Resources or email: