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  • Post Date: February 10, 2021
Job Description



Salary range: $ 98,315.71 – $ 147,373.61


The Cree Nation of Mistissini is seeking to fill the position of Director General who, under the direction of the Chief and Council, will assume operational responsibility for the planning, organization, management, budgeting, and control of all departments and resources under their control. The position also assumes responsibility for developing ways and means to implement the specific priorities and mandates of the Council to ensure progressive organizational development in addition to sound government. This is a position of significant responsibility in the provision of high-quality service to a community of 4500 residents through a staff of 160 full-time permanent employees while providing strategic leadership and participation in furthering the political, economic, social, and environmental vision of the Cree Nation of Mistissini.

This position will be of interest to any accomplished administrative and experienced leaders with at least a Bachelor’s Degree in a related discipline combined with a depth of knowledge of Cree governance, negotiated agreements, and cultural practices.

Critical competencies for success in this role include teamwork, diplomacy, financial skills, strategic thinking, leadership, performance management, and fluency in Cree and English.

Interested candidates should forward their résumés to Tonya Hughboy, Administrative Advisor, by Monday, March 8th, 2021, accompanied by a letter written in English outlining your motivation for seeking this position and commenting on the particular strengths that you feel you can bring to the role.

Tonya Hughboy, Administrative Advisor
Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini
187 Main Street
Mistissini, QC
G0W 1C0





1.1 The Director General is expected to demonstrate committed leadership and service to the Members, employees, Directors, Chief and Council and other stakeholders of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
1.2 The Director General will lead by example in exhibiting the highest standards of professional behaviour and commitment to service and teamwork;
1.3 The Director General will dedicate their professional intellect and energy to the responsibilities of their function and shall not hold office in any elected Cree regional organization (CNG, BOC, CSB, CHB, CTA, Niskamoon etc) or receive remuneration related to any other role;
1.4 The Director General will ensure that they do not allow themselves to be in any position of conflict of interest;
1.5 The Director General will always seek to act in the best interest of the Cree Nation of Mistissini.



2.1 The Director General is responsible for the effective implementation of Council policy and priorities and is the primary link between the administrative and political branches of government;
2.2 It is a function of the Director General to work with Council to develop ways and means to implement the specific political, economic, social or environmental priorities of the current Council;

This is in addition to the regular and orderly administration of the good government as established in existing laws, policies, and procedures.

It is also the responsibility of the Director General to creatively utilize all of the resources at their disposal in support of current Council priorities within the boundaries of the agreed organization structure, job descriptions, and negotiated agreements.


3.1 Establish and maintain positive relationships with key contacts in all Cree Regional Government Departments and entities as well as other community stakeholders;
3.2 At all times, project and maintain the highest standards of professional conduct, courtesy, and integrity as the administrative representative of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
3.3 As requested by Council, conduct due diligence assessments of persons, organizations, or other stakeholders or partners who may have either an informal or contractual relationship with the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
3.4 Continuously promote the interests of the Cree Nation of Mistissini in all matters of economic, social, political, and environmental progress;
3.5 Stay fully informed of strategic, governance, economic and political issues that may affect the Cree Nation of Mistissini and fully engage with the Chief and Council and others in developing scenarios, strategies, and action plans which reflect the interests, well-being, and priorities of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
3.6 Work with the Chief, Deputy Chief, and the CNG elected Representative to research and develop negotiating tactics and strategies to maximize financial and other benefits flowing from Cree funding sources.


4.1 Ensure that all financial operations under their control conform to the requirements of any funding agreements and Council policies and procedures;
4.2 In consultation with Department Directors and Treasurer, ensure that budgets for all operating departments and other areas under their control are prepared within the agreed timeframe for submission to Council;
4.3 Establish and maintain departmental budgetary controls including review of budgets vs. actual and accrued expenses and regularly informs the Council of actual or projected variances;
4.4 Constantly seek opportunities to minimize expenses and to maximize organizational effectiveness;
4.5 Seek opportunities to maximize the use of information and other technology opportunities to minimize expenses and makes such recommendations to Council;
4.6 Constantly seek new program, infrastructure, and other funding benefits available through Cree or other entities, Provincial and Federal governments, and all negotiated financial benefits from JBNQA, Paix des Braves, The New Relationship Agreement, Impact Benefit Agreements, and any amendments to these agreements;
4.7 Establish and maintain (annually) a registry of all potential funding sources available through Federal or Provincial governments, Cree entities, and all entitlements under negotiated agreements;
4.8 In collaboration with the Management Committee, recommends suitable candidates or firms for the provision of professional services;
4.9 In consultation with the Management Committee, makes recommendations to the Council for the approval of amendments or extensions to any existing contracts for goods or services under their areas of accountability;
4.10 Work closely with the Treasurer and Finance Department to assist in the prudent management of the finances, assets, and resources of the Cree Nation of Mistissini.


5.1 Through Departmental Directors, is responsible for the timely, efficient, and cost-effective service delivery of the following departments;

  • Human Resources Department
  • Community Development
  • Public Works Department
  • Miichuwaap Department
  • Health & Social Development Department
  • Recreation Department

5.2 Schedule and conduct individual and collective meetings with all Directors to review budgets, progress in achieving operational goals, corrective actions needed, issues for referral to Council, personnel and all matters related to the performance of each and all departments in support of Council mandates, directives and priorities;
5.3 In the absence of any Director, the Director General shall exercise the fiscal and management prerogatives of the concerned department;
5.4 Develop and maintain management processes and controls which ensure that they are regularly informed of operational issues in departments to mitigate emerging problems, minimize risk, and resolve issues that interfere with the achievement of agreed goals;
5.5 Ensure that all departments have effective workflow processes and standards;
5.6 Work with all Directors and employees in creating a high-performance work culture based on professional pride, community service, shared accountability, mutual respect, and lead by example in these areas.


6.1 Ensure that all Directors and other direct reports clearly understand their goals, priorities, standards, and performance expectations;
6.2 Is responsible for the daily supervision of Directors and other direct reports including approval of leaves, attendance, absenteeism, coaching, and counselling, disciplining, and annual performance evaluation;
6.3 Maintain personnel files on all Department Directors and other direct reports including notes of discussions relating to performance issues and notes of key achievements, successes, and contributions;
6.4 Work with Directors to ensure that all employees clearly understand their roles and responsibilities and have current work plans;
6.5 Consult with the Director of Human Resources on matters of human resource strategy, programs, processes, policies, and procedures and assists in the development of progressive human resource strategies to maximize organizational effectiveness in support of Council priorities;
6.6 Maintain supportive relationships with Department Directors and other direct reports while encouraging the highest standards of service delivery;
6.7 Encourage a climate of continuous learning and development for all employees and supports the Director of Human Resources in the achievement of this goal.


7.1 It is mandatory that the Director General attends all Council and Member meetings and ensure the attendance of Department Directors at Council and Member meetings as may be required for effective discussion and decision making;
7.2 Report to Council at each meeting the status of active directives, mandates, projects, and laws adopted by the Council of the Cree Nation of Mistissini;
7.3 Act as the Chairperson of the Management Committee to ensure that Council mandates and directive are implemented, monitored, and enforced;
7.4 In consultation with the Corporate Secretary and the Management Committee proposes to the Chief and /or Deputy Chief agenda items for Council or Member meetings;
7.5 Advise Council on all matters dealing with the Cree Nation / Council administration;
7.6 Oversee the preparation of the presentation of Department operations and administrative files for the Annual General Assembly of the Members of the Cree Nation of Mistissini as agreed with Council;
7.7 Report regularly to Council on the financial and operational progress of each department on the implementation of Council directives, programs, and priorities;
7.8 Perform such other duties or functions as may be requested by the Chief, Executive or Council from time to time consistent with legal and agreed policy standards;
7.9 Initiate and lead Directors in the annual department planning process for Council including developing details of priorities, financial plans, and recommendations of ways and means to achieve recommended goals.