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Mistissini – Administrative Centre


The Coordinator of Organizational Health, Safety and Well-being is responsible for implementing and developing an organization-wide cohesive approach to safety, health and well-being. The Coordinator will promote, educate, and provide guidance on matters of health, sanitation practices, emergency services with the aim of minimizing threats, accidents or incidents, all while advocating for a safer and healthier environment for all employees and students. The person will be responsible for ensuring all initiatives are developed and implemented in consideration of all other departments/sectors and that they are applied in a consistent manner and effectively using the internal available resources throughout the Board.


The Coordinator will not assume supervisory duties but rather work with all interested stakeholders and partners to grow a stronger and more cohesive approach to health, safety and well-being within the organization and towards its partners. The Coordinator will support relevant efforts, policies, programs and projects on a board wide level, while providing expertise and resources in the field of health and safety. A primary focus will be encouraging and promoting stakeholder engagement and the development and implementation of a positive, effective, inclusive and holistic health and safety culture. Key responsibilities

Departmental Responsibilities

  • Compile all existing health and safety protocols / policies / regulations / programs within the Board and ensure these are readily available to all services and identify required cooperation and collaboration between services.
  • Develop Board-wide protocols where required to ensure the adequate participation of affected partners as well as those whose responsibilities and roles may affect health, safety and well-being.
  • Identify and compile prevention programs/ measures and ensure these are widely circulated, accessible to and involve key partners.
  • Ensure measures are put into place, or slated to be put into effect, have been reviewed to consider all relevant stakeholders and factors. • Sit on the Health and Safety Committee.
  • Upon request, act as member and/or a resource for other committees (such as Wellness Committee) or projects.
  • Provide specialized and expert knowledge on the area of safety and health.
  • Produce a final status report at the end of the term, along with recommendations on remaining areas for improvement. Role-specific responsibilities • Provide monthly reports to include activities, statistics and events related to her/his field of work. Ensure tracking systems are put into place to measure initiatives and that training/support is provided to partners to properly implement tracking systems.
  • Ensure proper communication, transparency and reporting is maintained throughout the elaboration of her/his work, including consultation and participation of key partners.
  • Support the partner coordination and implementation of CSB policies related to health, safety and well-being, including local adaptations and with the support and guidance of the responsible departments.
  • Ensure and support compliance initiatives with existing legislation and regulations.
  • Identify and compile training and material needs with local services and operations, including replacement schedules for health and safety equipment and provisions. Identify implicated and affected stakeholders/partners and ensure proper implementation.
  • Identify and compile prevention programs/measures and ensure these are widely circulated and involve key partners.
  • Support the establishment of measures/programs including the preparation and submission of reports and applications.
  • Support initiatives to increase employee engagement in initiatives and programs.
  • Based on the compilation of applicable health and safety protocols / policies / regulations / programs, the person will share the adapted information with the concerned services.
  • With each facility, ensure the establishment of standards related to inspections and corrective works and assist in the implementation of the compliance plans as they are applicable to each facility.
  • Ensure all facilities and offices are properly identified and that identification protocols are readily accessible, especially in the cases of different identification protocols.
  • Facilitate the involvement of other partners in the measures, including ensuring available external resources are properly identified and informed by all internal partners.
  • Ensuring communication plans are in place for stakeholder communication and from schools to Communications Department in case of emergencies.
  • Within six (6) months of entering his functions, submit and monitor an implementation schedule of measures, trainings and other initiatives to properly carry out her/his mandate.


  • A professional diploma in an area such as Building Inspection, Project Management or Health and Safety Management is generally required.
  • Five (5) to ten (10) years of demonstrated experience in health and safety management, employee well-being management or another relevant field is required.
  • Formal certification in First Aid, AED and other first responder training is generally required.
  • Emergency management experience and certification is a definite asset.
  • Background in training and developing training programs is required. Experience in policy development is required.
  • Training/experience in mental/social well-being is a definite asset.
  • Experience in building/project management is required.
  • Experience/background in an educational/government setting is a definite asset.
  • Strong experience in communications / community relations is generally required.
  • Experience in First Nations emergency management and planning is an asset.
  • Solid planning and organizational skills are required.
  • A demonstrated ability to manage and adapt to organizational change is an asset.
  • Ability to build personal and organizational capacity through continuous improvement is a definite asset.
  • Fluency in English and French is required.
  • Fluency in Cree or ability to communicate in Cree is a definite asset.
  • Ability to work in an Office-based environment, including data management is a definite asset.
  • A valid driver’s permit, minimally a Class 5, is required.
  • Availability to travel frequently.


As soon as possible.


  • Two-year Temporary Full-time position. 35hrs/week
  • Salary: 84,166.00 to 112,219.00$
  • Northern Allowance: $8,484 to $13,573
  • *Given the current salary regulations and guidelines at the Cree School Board, candidates from another Quebec School Board will be able to obtain a salary as per the scale above-mentioned. However, candidates that are not from the education sector are not eligible to a salary above the midpoint of the position’s salary scale.

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