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  • Post Date: February 28, 2023
Job Description

Posting # M-2223-0059

Position # 0175



DEPARTMENT: DPSQA Psycho-Social (731405)
WORK LOCATION: Regional Eeyou Istchee
MANAGEMENT LEVEL: Intermediate Manager
STATUS: 1 Permanent Full Time
SALARY: Class 36: Min. $74,481 –  Max. $96,826



Reporting to the DPSQA-Psycho-Social, the incumbent will support and promote local and regional coordination among all partners involved in combatting mistreatment of older adults. He/she will provide awareness and training on the phenomenon of mistreatment and help develop and implement a regional action plan to address local needs and issues with regard to mistreatment of older adults.

He/she will promote, support, or propose creating service trajectories throughout each region to ensure older adults mistreatment situations are promptly addressed in close coordination with relevant BOARD departments.

The incumbent will work with regional committee members to coordinate, roll out, and implement, in their respective regions, the Québec-wide framework agreement and concerted intervention processes to counter mistreatment of older adults and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations. He/she will support and promote older adult’s well-treatment initiatives in the Advisor’s region.


  • Coordinate work and initiatives for a regional consultation committee on mistreatment of older adults, assist and take part in local discussion tables, and hold networking events as needed (annual partners day, theme-based seminars, etc.).
  • Sit on the Board’s Strategic Committee on mistreatment of older adults, which reports to the person responsible for implementing the policy to counter mistreatment and has representatives from a range of departments concerned with the mistreatment of older adults and other persons of full age in vulnerable situations.
  • Build and maintain relationships with other Québec partners to share and search for intervention models, coordination models, and tools.
  • Advise and make recommendations to key bodies and authorities, including the MSSS, on priority actions, service trajectory problems, or any other issue involved in combatting mistreatment of older adults.
  • Support regional initiatives to combat mistreatment of older adults or promote older adults’ welltreatment by submitting projects that the Board can finance through funding from the MSSS under this agreement.
  • Identify service continuum hurdles and challenges for mistreated older adults and work with stakeholders to find solutions.
  • Propose and support ways to coordinate with relevant Board departments and partners from the region to:
    • Suggest priorities for service coordination and continuity;
    • Propose suitable changes to ensure continued services and help implement them.
    • Make sure the BOARD understands the need to enter into collaborative and information sharing agreements with community partners, when necessary, to ensure continuity of services in mistreatment of older adults’ situations.
  • Identify issues with adapting and continuing to provide services, determine which ones cannot be solved locally or regionally, and report them to Secrétariat aux aînés.
  • Work with the Board and the Centre for Research and Expertise in Social Gerontology (CREGÉS) to provide training on systematic screening and intervention in cases of mistreatment of older adults as per Ministry guidelines under the Formation continue partagée (FCP) program.
  • Help roll out training for partners who provide older adults’ services on how to identify and address mistreatment of older adults and promote the well-treatment of older adults in and outside the health and social services network.
  • Help determine regional and local needs for mistreatment of older adults training among community partners and offer available programs where appropriate.
  • Coordinate the rollout of awareness workshops for older adults, including “It’s Not Right!” (by training facilitators, for example), to help them identify mistreatment more easily.
  • Support and organize regional awareness activities (World Elder Abuse Awareness Day each June 15, etc.).
  • Educate community organizations, social economy enterprises in homecare services, and all relevant partners in combatting mistreatment of older adults (financial institutions, police officers, pharmacies, etc.).


Education and experience:

  • Bachelor degree in a profession related to the health and social services sector;
  • Three (3) years’ experience in service/program planning, management or supervision that includes clinical experience with elderly people;
  • Experience in project management;
  • A certificate in management is an asset;
  • Member in good standing of his/her professional order if relevant.

Knowledge and Abilities:

  • Good knowledge of the MSSS and Quebec Health Care programs, laws, regulations, Network, orientations and trends especially for community health, protection, promotion and prevention;
  • Excellent knowledge of the challenges related to an aging population and the impact on services;
  • Good knowledge of clinical services practice, current issues and trends, and program planning, supervision and quality assurance systems;
  • Knowledge of the strategic management of: health programs, integrated programming, professional and organizational interdependence, information management, and evaluation;
  • Good knowledge of interdisciplinary team functioning and leadership;
  • Knowledge of, or ability to grasp the issues and context related to First Nation health and social services;
  • Good knowledge of operational planning, organization and coordination, budget planning and financial management and; human, material and information resources management;
  • Ability to apply Eeyou (Cree) culture, values, traditions and teachings into programs and services;
  • Ability to deal with pressure and respect of deadlines, to propose solutions to improve accessibility, quality and continuity of customer services as well as work organization in order to contribute to updating the continuum services;
  • Ability to both manage the planning and development of new programs, and the maintenance and quality assurance of existing programs;
  • Excellent critical thinking, planning and organizational skills as applied to planning;
  • Results-oriented, autonomous, flexible, and ability to multi-task;
  • Excellent interpersonal communication, leadership and respectful teamwork skills;
  • Excellent communication skills, both for written and oral presentations;
  • Team player and great ability to maintain quality interpersonal relationships with colleagues, partners and clients;
  • Serve as a positive role model for staff and clients;
  • Good working ability with administrative computer applications, especially Office applications.


  • Fluent in Cree, English and French.


  • Willing to travel
POSTING START/END DATE: 2023-02-23 / 2023-03-09
HOUSING PROVIDED: Yes, if hired more than 50 kilometres from the Eeyou Istchee locality in which they are called upon to perform their duties.


To apply, please forward your resume to:

Cree Board of Health & Social Services of James Bay

Tel 514-861-5955         Fax 514-989-7495


With your application, please make sure to specify the Posting # and the Job title on which you wish to apply.



In accordance with various Sections of the James Bay and Northern Quebec Agreement (JBNQA), the organization has the objective of staffing all of its positions with qualified and competent beneficiaries of the JBNQA.