Re-adaptation Officer

Re-adaptation Officer

Re-adaptation Officer – James Bay Eeyou School

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Job Type:


Job Category:

Professionals – Pedagogy

Number of Positions:


Posting Date:

June 13, 2024

End of Posting:

June 27, 2024


$26.66 – $45.70/Hour

Northern Allowance:

$9,004 – $14,403 /Year

Retention Premium:

$5,500 – $10,000


Priority shall be given to qualified Cree Beneficiaries


The principal and customary work of an employee in this class of employment consists of collaborating in re-education programs or re-adaptation programs with students experiencing social maladjustments, school-related problems, or problems with socio-emotional behaviour or learning difficulties.


Through the use of measuring techniques and instruments that are proper to his/her discipline, the re-adaptation officer evaluates student’s behaviour brought to his/her attention by the first observations of the teachers which reveal a possibility of maladjustment at the socio-emotional level or at the normal learning process level.

Participates with the appropriate multidisciplinary team, in the study of cases so as to determine the necessary measures for re-education.

Under the responsibility of the school administration and in conjunction with the multidisciplinary team, participates in developing the measures designed to attain the objectives determined in an Individual Education Plan.

Recommends appropriate training and re-education programs and ensures that these programs are carried out.

Regroups the students who are identified as having common problems and meets these groups on a regular basis for specific activities.

Meets certain students having specific problems in order to help their integration in a re-education group or their integration in a regular group.

Refers the student to the appropriate services as required.

Observes situations and works with students reacting to their environment and counsels them; applies intervention techniques conductive to calm and order; provides support to the teacher to ensure an environment conductive to learning in the classroom.

Counsels students who, following a sanction, must receive instruction in another room, determines with the students concerned and with the staff involved in intervention efforts for reintegration into the classroom.

Records observations and interventions, keeps files and prepares reports on a student’s situation.

Prepares the material and the development of the activities necessary for re-education, analyses and identifies the student’s behaviour in the re-education groups.

Establishes close contacts with the parents, teachers and other implicated professionals.


Bachelor’s degree in an appropriate specialty, notably psycho-education.

Knowledge of English is a requirement. 

Working knowledge of French and Cree is an asset.

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