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We recruit motivated people who will progress and be part of a qualified team where each person puts the customer and safety at the core of their actions and decisions. To round off our team based in Chisasibi, Quebec,
Person who prepares, seasons, cooks and portions food; ensures the optimum use of food. She/he may be asked to keep the list of food supplies up-to-date. 
oversees the coordination and administration of all aspects of planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and overseeing activities related to the elders’ home. The incumbent also provides leadership in the development and evaluation of all clinical activities to achieve integrated and complementary services. She/He ensures the line management of the human, material, financial and information resources of the range of services and programs within her jurisdiction. The incumbent collaborates with the regional Support Program for the Autonomy of Seniors team and contributes to the planning and development, implementation and evaluation of activities for the current and future long-term care facilities in the territory, including engaging external partners.
Person who performs work related to personnel management, financial management, work organization and planning for the execution of complex administrative tasks by compiling and analyzing data.
Person who performs work related to the management of human, financial and material resources or procurement. She assumes responsibilities related to the organization of work and the planning of the execution of complex work of an administrative nature such as the collection and analysis of data.