ASD supports short-term job creation and long-term sustainable employment opportunities


Many job opportunities require experienced workers to fit employer needs; don't let work experience act as a barrier to you ASD is working in partnership with employers to provide 
work support programs including mentorship, apprenticeship, and workplace integration. By doing so, a pathway to experience and long term employment is established.


  • A Cree beneficiary/resident of a Cree community
  • An employer hiring Cree beneficiaries/residents of Cree communities
  • A Cree entity or non-Cree entity operating in the territory
  • A Cree organization or non-Cree organization operating in the Cree territory


For Employers / insitutions

Job Creation

ASD will work with you to create new employment positions within our communities and on the territory. We will assist you with training for these long term sustainable employment opportunities.


Building a trained workforce on the job, ASD is working with employers to build hours and experience for trades workers. Apprenticeship may apply within various trades and sectors of employment.

Capacity Building

Technology and job requirements will change within the career of many Cree workers. ASD is available to offer on-the-job training that encourages retention and keeps employees up to date with the requirements of the job.


Cody's Convenience

Cody's Convenience Store started out with 10 employees in the community of Chisasibi and after just 2 years the three owners took a chance and expanded the store not just with products, but with a new franchise, Fritou Chicken.

Cody's Convenience went ahead with construction and completed the addition to the buildings so that the new Fritou Chicken Franchise could hold 21 customers at their new restaurant.

Cody's now has 20 employees and a successsful 21 seat restaurant, all this since it opened its doors for business on September 29, 2015.

ASD provided funding for the business through it Employment Program. Cody's started its business with 10 employees and now has over 20 employees that include cashiers, cleaners, cooks and kitchen helpers.

For clients

Employment Services

ASD acts as liaison, assisting employers to find skilled workers and employees to find positions that match their skill set.


If you know an employer interested in hiring you after successfully completing your vocational certifications and you qualify as an apprentice, we are here to provide financial support for an employer to hire you.

Job Placement

Work experience that provides an opportunity to clearly understand career options is a key role of job placement. We can help you to build your hours while establishing a clear career path.

Certification On-the-job

In a world of ever changing workplace requirements we can help you gain essential competency cards and certification within a field of employment. Work with us to begin to widen the scope of your employability.