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Success Stories: Cree Bursary

Apatisiiwin Skills Development is committed to breaking down barriers to education for JBNQA beneficiaries by providing crucial financial assistance through the Cree Bursary program. 

This program awards a $1,000 bursary each semester, empowering individuals to pursue post-secondary and vocational education, thereby promoting capacity building within the communities.

In the 2023-24 program, out of a total of 617 participants, the majority focused on fields such as education, law, social, community, and government services (277), with the following highest numbers pursuing business, finance, and administration (96) and health occupations (34).

Congratulations to all recent and past graduates! We also want to encourage those who are still pursuing their studies. Keep up the great work! Students like these will shape the future of Eeyou Istchee, help strengthen the economy, and be a vital part of a skilled workforce.


Science & Technology

This program provides youth with the opportunity to feel connected to science and technology and to view them as viable career and education choices.
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Career Promotion & Awareness

This program enhances employability skills and introduces participants to diverse career options.
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Cooperative Education Placement

This program fosters vital employability skills in youth through co-op education, offering mentored work-study opportunities.
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